The Thailand International Motor Expo has concluded on a strong note, with a total of 1.5 million visitors spending close to $2.2 billion at the event.

The 36th Thailand International Motor Expo has came to a close. Of the nearly 40,000 cars sold, compact sedans came out on top well ahead of SUVs, luxury cars and motorcycles. A total of 1.5 million visitors crowded the event, spending altogether over $2.2 billion.

Kwanchai Paphatphong, Organising Chairman of the exhibition, revealed that the exhibition was successful thanks to support from public agencies and the media Kwanchai Paphatphong, the Organising Chairman of the exhibition, revealed, "The Motor Expo this year has been very successful, thanks to the support of car companies, motorcycle companies and ancillary equipment vendors, as well as various agencies in the public and private sectors, visitors, and all branches of the mass media."

Total car and motorcycle sales at the Motor Expo totalled 44,740 units - 16.2% lower than last year due to a variety of external factors including the current economic downturn. Domestic factors such as the increased land tax and new motorcycle tax in Thailand has also resulted in cautious consumer spending at the exhibition.

The total car sales from 34 makers reached 37,489 units, 15.2% less than last year. Based on info obtained from participants of the event's lucky draw, the top six car brands with the highest number of participants were Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, MG and Nissan. For this year, passenger cars drew the most interest from visitors and took a 45.5% share of total car sales (compared to 38.9% last year). The top five selling passenger car models were the Honda City, the Nissan Almera, the Honda Civic, the Mazda2, and the Toyota Yaris.

SUVs meanwhile accounted for 33.4% share - slightly less than last year (34.3%). The top five selling SUVs at the exhibition were the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, the MG ZS, the MG HS, the Ford Everest and Toyota Fortuner.