The augmented reality app allows users to experience the Flying Spur anywhere the user chooses - from a Bentley retailer to their own driveway.

Following the launch of the all new Flying Spur, Bentley has launched a new augmented reality app to showcase the world's finest grand touring sedan.

The 'Performance' specification virtual Flying Spur also features the newly launched Blackline Specification Customers and enthusiasts can now experience the Flying Spur ahead of first deliveries, which will take place in early 2020. The app will allow Apple and Android users to explore the exterior and interior of the car in two different specifications.

The specifications have been made to represent two key characteristics of the Flying Spur - luxury and performance. The 'Luxury' specification is a Meteor exterior, with an interior finished in Brunel and Linen hides. In contrast, the 'Performance' specification has an Extreme Silver exterior with Beluga leather accented by Hotspur stitching.

Both configurations showcase the Mulliner Driving Specification, Rear Seat Entertainment, Bentley Rotating Display and the new Flying B mascot. The 'Performance' specification also features the newly launched Blackline Specification.

The application uses the latest Augmented Reality technologies and is amongst the most advanced in the automotive industry. As well as choosing multiple specifications, users can change the size of the car, viewing it on a table top or scaling up to a full-size simulation. Users are also able to take the Flying Spur on an augmented reality test drive.