The eighth generation Golf sports a revamped exterior and a significant technological change both in its interior and the drivetrain.

A new chapter in the history of the Golf begins with the world premiere of the eighth generation Golf, now digitalised, connected, and intuitive to operate.

The 'Golf' name is now spelt out on the rear hatch Design-wise, the new Golf now sports new head lights that sport a more angular and slimmer look, and a new strip now connects them to the centre VW badge.

In the rear, the car gets a new raised bumper, while the 'Golf' name is now spelt out on the rear.

Volkswagen has started a hybrid offensive with the new Golf. The eighth generation Golf will be available in no less than five hybrid drive versions.

Its debut also celebrates 48V technology with mild hybrid versions sporting a a belt starter generator, 48V lithium-ion battery and the latest generation of efficient TSI engines to form a new eTSI mild hybrid drive.

Tangible benefits with the mild hybrid system include the reduction of fuel consumption by up to 10% based on the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure, and a more agile and comfortable vehicle under acceleration. Volkswagen will offer the Golf eTSI in three different outputs - 107bhp, 127bhp and 147bhp.

Two plug-in hybrid variants of the Golf will be offered - an efficiency version with 198bhp and the GTE version delivering 238bhp The eighth generation of the Golf will also be available as two plug-in hybrid drive variants. A new efficiency version generates 198bhp, while the very sporty GTE delivers 238bhp.

Both Golf plug-in hybrid versions drives will launch with a new 13kWh lithium-ion battery on board that enables larger electrically powered ranges of approximately 60km, and temporarily turns the Golf into a zero-emissions vehicle.

The drive options for the new Golf also include a TSI petrol, TDI diesel and a TGI natural gas drive. Two four-cylinder petrol engines with 87bhp and 107bhp, two four-cylinder diesel engines with 112bhp and 145bhp, and a TGI with 127bhp will be offered from launch.

The new TSI variants have particularly low consumption values and emissions thanks to the innovative TSI Miller combustion process, while the TDI powertrains also receive Volkswagen's twin-dosing technology to significantly reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 80%.

The Online Connectivity Unit will come as standard and will feature eSIM links to Volkswagen's online functions and services New levels of connectivity are promised with the new Golf. A standard Online Connectivity Unit features integrated eSIM links to Volkswagen's 'We Connect' and 'We Connect Plus' online functions and services, while the new Golf is also the first Volkswagen to feature Car2X as standard.

Short for Car-to-Everything, Car2X communication will allow the Golf to receive signals from local traffic infrastructure and from other vehicles up to 800m away, and notify the driver via a display, allowing dangers to be made known even before they are present in the driver's vision. The technology ushers in the beginning of a new phase for traffic safety.