The partnership between the luxury manufacturers will showcase the integration of beautiful design and exquisite engineering in limited edition motorcycles.

The iconic Aston Martin wings will appear on a motorcycle for the first time, when the initial product of an exciting new collaboration between Aston Martin Lagonda and Brough Superior is revealed at the Milan Motor Show in Italy.

Brough Superior, the eponymous performance motorcycle brand created by George Brough in 1919 and resurrected by enthusiasts long after his death is, like Aston Martin, a luxury brand with great heritage. Both Brough Superior and Aston Martin place huge importance on developing a brand that customers are proud to be part of and products that strike the perfect balance between performance and design.

Both firms are masters of craftsmanship that use the finest materials to breathe life into their designs. As independent companies they also revel in their ability to offer bespoke design and engineering solutions, so collaboration between the two brands is virtually guaranteed to produce something very special. Full details on the limited edition motorcycle will be revealed in Milan on 5 November 2019.