Maserati has announced its innovation plan for production, electrification and autonomous driving technologies in line with Fiat Chrysler's investment plans.

Maserati has announced its future plans for production, electrification and the development of autonomous driving technologies.

All new Maserati models will offer a range of autonomous driving capabilities starting with Maserati Level two enhanced Highway Assist Regarding production, Maserati has announced plans for a line up of new and electrified products at Modena, Cassino and Turin (Mirafiori and Grugliasco).

All of Maserati's new models will be 100% made in Italy and will adopt hybrid and battery electric propulsion systems capable of providing both innovation and the high performance embedded in the brand's DNA.

Maserati's all electric models will combine traditional highly appreciated Maserati driving dynamics together with next generation battery electric technology, offering unique driving modes, extended range and ultra-fast charging capabilities.

An important step for Maserati innovation is the development of autonomous driving. All new Maserati models will offer a range of autonomous driving capabilities, starting with Maserati Level two enhanced Highway Assist, and progressing to Level three with close to full autonomy, having the ability to manoeuvre in and out of lanes or bring the vehicle to a safe stop at the side of the road if the driver is unable to take control of the vehicle.

The Maserati Ghibli is set to be the first model from Maserati to get a hybrid variant In 2020, the company will also embark on electrification and the Maserati Ghibli, produced in Turin, will be the first hybrid electric propulsion for the brand.

Elsewhere, the next totally new Maserati to appear will be an eagerly-anticipated sports car - packed with technology and reminiscent of Maserati's traditional values. It will be produced in the Modena plant, where major production line upgrades are already underway to accommodate its electric powertrain.

This will be followed by a new Maserati utility vehicle, set to be built at Cassino and destined to play a leading role for the brand thanks to its innovative technologies. An investment of approximately $1.2 billion has been earmarked for the construction of the new production line, scheduled to open at the end of the first quarter of 2020. The first pre-series cars are expected to roll off the line by 2021.

A new Maserati utility vehicle is also planned and set to be built at Cassino With the introduction of various product innovations, Maserati is also reinforcing the importance of Italy with regards to its production - construction has already begun in Modena on a paint shop, a new feature for the plant, which will be equipped with innovative, low environmental-impact technologies.

The design of the paint shop will also allow Maserati customers to watch their car being painted.

Finally, Maserati is developing an entirely new customisation program with a new workshop to be created within the Modena plant, for customers seeking a one-of-a-kind level of exclusivity.