Codenamed Project Gecko, the car will be built in Germany and will feature BMW's TwinPower Turbo eight-cylinder petrol engine.

Wiesmann, the German maker of luxury hand-built sports cars, has announced the return of the marque with the reveal of a brand new car in 2020.

A long bonnet corresponds to the promise to retain front mid-engined and rear-wheel drive configuration on the new car Codenamed Project Gecko, the car will be engineered and built at the original Wiesmann factory in Dulmen, Germany.

Project Gecko is claimed to be a perfect mix of continuity and contemporary. Many of the elements that gave the Wiesmann MF5 a cult following - such as the distinctive design and luxury features - are set to remain, while key changes like the all new platform utilising the very latest lightweight technologies will increase performance and ensure the car is fit for the future.

The look of Project Gecko will be familiar to Wiesmann fans as the brand's iconic design DNA runs through the new car, with the project team refering to this being a design evolution rather than revolution.

Teaser images and the design team both promise a new design that will still be familliar to Wiesmann fans Wiesmann has also stayed true to its ideals as a brand known for delivering pure drivers' cars. The new model will be front mid-engined and rear-wheel drive, with perfect 50:50 weight distribution. Power comes from BMW M's TwinPower Turbo eight-cylinder petrol engine, continuing the historic partnership between Wiesmann and BMW.

The Wiesmann team has worked hard to improve the drive and modernise key features, using cutting-edge technologies to bring the car up to the latest standards so it conforms to regulations in key markets.

More technical details on the new car can be expected over the coming months. As with previous Wiesmann models, the new car will be hand-built with several members of the original team working on Project Gecko. Wiesmann will be targeting buyers who want a unique, premium sports car with real stand-out qualities.