Over 200 children suffering from chronic diseases were taken to Disneyland Paris in 120 black taxis, thanks to the LEVC.

One of London's most-loved children's charity events, the Magical Taxi Tour, has just returned from Paris, completing its 26th trip. Taking place every year, the tour is a three-day trip of a lifetime, starting in Canary Wharf, London and featuring a convoy of licensed London taxis who take over 200 children, suffering from a range of chronic debilitating illnesses and life-limiting conditions, to Disneyland Resort Paris and back over the course of a weekend.

This year's run to Paris took place from 13 to 15 September and consisted of 120 taxis enjoying escorts from the City of London Police, French Gendarmerie Nationale, London Ambulance NHS Trust and AA breakdown. 40 of the cabs taking part this year were the new electric TX model which, since its launch in 2018, is transforming taxis fleets across the U.K. and Europe with more than 2,500 examples now on the road.