Designed to highlight Mazda's 'love of driving' ethos, the film has won a Silver OttoCar Award at the 14th AutoVision Awards.

Mazda's film 'Journey to the Nordkapp' has been recognised at the 2019 AutoVision Awards, taking a Silver OttoCar trophy in the passenger car product film category.

Temperatures fell to as low as -30 degrees during the shooting of the film Honoured with a Silver OttoCar, 'Journey to the Nordkapp' was filmed in March 2019 with the aim of bringing Mazda's latest Epic Drive media event to life. A film that highlighted the challenge and beauty of driving to the most northerly point in Europe in the depths of winter, the film was shot by award-winning British video production company Kingdom Creative.

With temperatures as low as -30 degrees during the shoot, the film beautifully highlights the stunning yet brutal Arctic landscape and the abilities of the Mazda cars on some of Europe's most challenging roads.

Designed to highlight Mazda's 'love of driving' ethos and the connection between car and driver found across the Mazda range, the firm's Epic Drive events give journalists the opportunity to take part in road trips that deliver scenery, testing roads and driving thrills on an epic scale. From lapping Iceland in Mazda MX-5s, to driving across a frozen Siberian lake in Mazda CX-5s and taking on the challenging and lush roads of the stunning Azores in Mazda2s, Mazda Epic Drives deliver a unique media drive experience, one that has to be captured by stunning photography and film assets.

The fourth Epic Drive film created for Mazda by Kingdom Creative, 'Road to Nordkapp' can be viewed here.