Show host Yu Tsai will embark on a road trip around the different cities of Taiwan, with special guests including Subaru Ambassador Mia Sabathy.

In partnership with Subaru, Street to Kitchen Asia will feature international celebrity and fashion photographer, Yu Tsai, who makes a homecoming trip to Taiwan for the first time after 25 years.

The series will follow host Yu Tsai as he embarks on a road trip around the different cities of Taiwan The six-episode series follows Yu Tsai as he embarks on a road trip of self-discovery around the different cities of Taiwan. In the first episode, Yu Tsai's adventures begin in the city of Tainan. He also explores the South West Coast of Taiwan with food critic and writer Liz Kao.

Yu Tsai travels down scenic routes across the island to connect with inspiring individuals who have made a difference in the local street food scene. At the end of each episode, Yu Tsai recreates the flavours inspired by the people he has met. Guests on the series include Subaru Ambassador Mia Sabathy, Celebrity Chef Soac Liu, Radio DJ and TV Host GiGi Lin and Celebrity Blogger Anita Yu.

In a very special family reunion episode, Yu Tsai even discovers what 'Home' truly means to him and shares the deeply meaningful lessons he has learnt throughout this journey.

Street to Kitchen Asia will air from 6 September 2019.