The Genesis Essentia Concept has been awarded a Gold International Design Excellence Award, the first 'best of the best' award win for Genesis Vehicle Design.

The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) have awarded the Genesis Essentia Concept with a Gold International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) for Automotive and Transportation. This is the brand's first 'best of the best' award win for Genesis Vehicle Design.

Considered one of the world's top three design awards including IDEA, RedDot and iF, IDEA has recognised North America's top design award since 1980. This specific award evaluates and ultimately selects the best in design, by comprehensively evaluating various screening criteria such as design innovation, user benefits, and social responsibility.

The Essentia Concept, which was first unveiled at the New York International Auto Show in March 2018, is the Genesis brand's first electric Gran Turismo concept car. It was recognized for its interpretation of the 'Athletic Elegance' design paradigm, while providing a vision of future Genesis product performance and technology.

The battery-electric Essentia Concept featured a luxurious look with a simple, clear and sleek exterior design and a custom-tailored interior. The interior design was focused on maximising the connection between the driver and the car, and the overall decoration was reduced to combine restraint and futuristic impressions.