New Youtube series featuring the people who made the ID.3 happen provide a holistic insight into the brand's exciting transformation towards electric mobility.

Challenges, personal experiences, moments of success - all this is included in a new weekly video series about the development of the ID.3, Volkswagen's upcoming electric model. The new format illuminates the people behind the finished car and goes into more detail about specific details and backgrounds of the development work. The first episode is led by Klaus Bischoff, Chief Designer of the Volkswagen brand.

The first episode of the new Youtube series is led by Klaus Bischoff, Chief Designer of the Volkswagen brand The establishment of a completely new design language for a new era - hardly anything is as challenging and yet so promising. Klaus Bischoff, who has been responsible for the brand's global design since 2007, explains during the first episode what new opportunities and freedom the age of electric mobility offers for automotive design.

In addition to Klaus Bischoff, more than 20 departments and people will be examined in more detail and their activities presented. This includes, for example, pre-development, logistics and production.

Christian Senger, Member of the Board of Management responsible for 'Digital Car and Services' since March and previously Head of the Electric Mobility product line, and Jurgen Stackmann, member of the Board of Management responsible for Sales and Marketing, also talk about their work in the development of ID.3 and the creation of the sales concept.

The 'Becoming ID' video series will be published on Volkswagen's own YouTube channel 'Volkswagen News' on a weekly basis.