Customers will be able to enjoy their favourite Shell V-Power promotion for two weekends this month, starting from 21 June 2019.

Shell Singapore will be launching its 'Shell V-Power at the price of Shell FuelSave 98' promotion across the last two weekends in June. From 21 to 23 June and 28 to 30 June 2019, all Shell customers will be able to enjoy the power and performance of the new Shell V-Power with boosted Dynaflex Technology at the price of Shell FuelSave 98.

In April 2019, Shell Singapore launched its most advanced and innovative fuel formulation yet, Dynaflex Technology, across Shell FuelSave and Shell V-Power - a breakthrough formulation designed to help drivers clean and protect their engines for a more efficient drive. "Our best just got even better with Shell V-Power with Dynaflex Technology, and we are delighted to have our customers experience the new fuel for themselves," said Ms. Aarti Nagarajan, General Manager, Retail Sales & Operations, Shell Singapore. "Now we're giving our customers more reason to pump and shop at Shell with our iconic Shell V-Power Weekend, so they can fill up on Shell V-Power at the price of Shell FuelSave 98." 

The new and improved Shell V-Power with boosted Dynaflex Technology not only helps to improve engine condition, it also helps to maximise energy from the fuel. As Shell's best efficiency and performance fuel, it offers three times more cleaning and friction-reducing molecules than in Shell FuelSave petrol and removes up to 80% of performance-robbing deposits, delivering higher levels of cleaning and protection for your engine.

This promotion is open to all customers and will run island wide from 10:00am to 10:00pm. For more information, please refer to http//