Commuters experienced delays on the North East Line on Thursday morning, with the delays linked to a software glitch.

Commuters on the North East Line (NEL) experienced delays on Thursday morning (27 June), which was linked to a software glitch. They complained about trains which were more packed than usual, from as early as 7:00am. Station announcements were made about the delays. Some commuters reported that train service returned to normal at stations, including Punggol and Sengkang, at around 8:00am.

Rail operator SBS Transit said that there was a software glitch in the train line's signalling system, but this was fixed before 6:30am. The Straits Times understands that service took about an hour to fully revert to normal speeds. Service was back to normal by 7:27am.

The NEL is Singapore's best-performing line, with just over two million train-km clocked between delays - nearly double that of the next best-performing line, the North-South Line.