The Battista is presented with new design details as aerodynamic testing programmes evolve the purity and beauty of its front surfaces.

Following an initial development programme of simulated aerodynamic testing in Italy, Automobili Pininfarina has revealed its stunning Blu Iconica Battista with new design details at the Turin Outdoor Auto Show.

The evolution of the Battista's design as it heads into its development programme resulted in design detail upgrades that have redefined the front of the Battista and reinforced its hypercar look and feel, presenting an even greater visual connection between front and back.

The revised Blu Iconica Battista will be presented in Turin until Sunday, 23 June with Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina S.p.A and Luca Borgogno, Automobili Pininfarina's Design Director joining the hypercar at its 'home' motor show. Each of the planned 150 Battistas will be hand-built at Pininfarina S.p.A near to Turin where the new design details were realised.