Nissan Sunderland Plant is celebrating another record-breaking milestone as the 10 millionth vehicle rolls of the production line.

It has taken the plant 33 years to reach the 10 million mark - making it the fastest car factory in the U.K. to the landmark figure. It also means that, on average, a new car has been built in Sunderland every two minutes since production started in 1986.

And if all 10 million cars were parked nose to tail they would stretch for more than 42,000km - which is enough to go all the way around the equator of the world, with a few to spare.

Steve Marsh, Nissan Sunderland Plant Vice President, Manufacturing, said, "Building 10 million vehicles is a tremendous achievement for everyone associated with the plant. Reaching this huge figure has called on all the ingenuity, commitment and spirit of our highly skilled workforce, many of who hail from the North East of England."