The Skoda Karoq Velo concept car is the ultimate support car for the cyclist who dreams of the perfect summer ride.

The Skoda Karoq Velo concept car takes the brand's famous Simply Clever innovation to a new level - delivering the perfect pre- and post-ride experience for the U.K.'s ever-expanding number of cyclists. Featuring a host of in-built technologies, from a fully-functioning washing machine for sweaty kit to a drone landing pad, the Karoq Velo offers the services of a fully-staffed race support team into one remarkable car.

Despite being packed with kit, the Karoq Velo still has room for three adult passengers Developed and built by Skoda U.K., the Karoq Velo was conceived by a team of passionate cyclists to help fellow riders enjoy the perfect ride this summer.

Its numerous unique design features were shaped by the results of a survey carried out by Skoda. More than 1,500 active riders were asked to suggest ideas for the perfect cycling support vehicle. A Skoda U.K. design team took the results of the poll and packed as many ideas as possible into a one-off Karoq SUV.

Among the many stand-out features of the Karoq Velo is a fully integrated spin cycle washing machine. This was chosen after 27% of survey respondents said that returning to their car in damp cycling kit was a major downside of riding. The washing machine uses the same water supply as an integrated pressure washer that ensures that bikes can be made as fresh as their owners after a long summer ride.

After 31% of survey respondents reported that mechanical issues were a major bugbear, Skoda's design team created space for a full tool kit and equipment to facilitate rapid puncture repairs. A network of built-in LED lights also ensures that any late-night repairs can be carried out without the need to hold a torch or find a streetlight to work under.

Practicality and carrying ability were also high on the wish-lists of survey respondents, with 37% of cyclists wanting an easy to use exterior bike carrier, and 29% wanting the extra security of an in-car storage system. Once again, the Skoda design team were able to oblige with the end result being sufficient racking to carry two bikes on a special roof mount and one inside.