An exciting journey through Bentley's rich heritage is brought to life in a collaboration with specialist luxury book publisher, Opus.

An exciting journey through Bentley's rich heritage is brought to life in a collaboration with specialist luxury book publisher, Opus, in limited edition books that will thrill and delight lovers of the brand. From the splendid Le Mans victories of the 1920s, iconic models of the past, through the renaissance of a new generation of Grand Tourers and the craftsmanship and rarity values of limited edition models, the nine chapters and more than 800 pages power the Bentley story into life.

The nine chapters and more than 800 pages in the books power the Bentley story into life It also brings into focus the future of the Bentley brand as it spearheads the drive into the next 100 years of development and innovation. The extraordinary cars, people and achievements that have built the Bentley brand over its first 100 remarkable years will also be the key to future success.

As the official publishers of all three editions of the Bentley Centenary Book, Opus has been given exclusive access to the designers, engineers and visionaries shaping the future of the U.K.'s leading luxury car company.

Beginning with an introduction by fashion icon Ralph Lauren, in nine compelling chapters the story of Bentley Motors features a foreword from a friend of the brand who is an expert in that field. Subjects include core Bentley values such as Performance, Design, Rarity and Craftsmanship, as well as Innovation and Extraordinary Customers.

The final chapter, The Future, is from our chairman and CEO Adrian Hallmark, who is taking Bentley into its next exhilarating century.

This is the biggest book ever produced on the story of an automotive brand At almost a metre wide when opened and weighing approximately 30kg, the Bentley Centenary Opus is much more than a coffee table book.

Available in three distinct versions - the Mulliner, the Centenary and the 100 Carat limited editions - these will be confined to an exclusive print run of 100 copies worldwide for Mulliner, 500 copies worldwide for Centenary, and just seven for 100 Carat - to reflect the rarity, collectible value and long-term investment that the book embodies.

Created, printed and hand-bound by master binders in England, the book utilises leather hides from the same sources as those used in Bentley models, while the Bentley Wings badge that adorns the front cover is an official hand-crafted badge, the same as those used on every Centenary model. Owners will be able to choose their own Bentley hide colour for the front cover of their edition.

Between the covers the content features never-seen-before imagery, rare historical content and photography exclusive to the Bentley Opus, with special gatefold pages measuring two metres across.

The third version of the book, the exquisite 100 Carat edition, offers the ultimate in embellishment and decoration, adorned with 100 carats of diamonds and limited to an exclusive issue of seven - one for each continent. The iconic Wings badge is set in a choice of white gold or platinum to enhance the stunning diamond border.