10 years ago, Porsche launched into a new market segment - with the Panamera, the sports car manufacturer presented its first Gran Turismo in April 2009.

Like no other car in the luxury car class, this model combines the performance one would expect from a sports car with the luxury and versatility of a touring saloon. While Porsche initially planned production of 20,000 units per year, the Panamera has long since exceeded all expectations - more than 235,000 cars have been delivered so far.

"As a technology platform for innovations that were later transferred to other models, the Panamera has played a significant role in shaping the past 10 years of the brand's history," explains Michael Steiner, then first Vice President of the product line, today Member of the Executive Board Research and Development. "With its high-performance hybrid variants, it is now above all a trailblazer for electromobility at Porsche."

The current, second model generation is manufactured entirely in the Porsche plant in Leipzig, and comes in three different body variants. Thomas Friemuth has been Vice President of the product line since May 2018.