Bridgestone celebrated the brand's 18th anniversary in Singapore, and also launched two new tyres - the Ecopia H/L 001 and the DriveGuard RFT.

2019 marks the 18th anniversary of Bridgestone Tyre Sales Singapore Pte Ltd, and the brand also marked the occasion with the official launch of two new tyre models - the new Ecopia H/L 001 and the DriveGuard Run-Flat Technology (RFT) tyres. 

The new Ecopia H/L 001 is designed specifically for SUVs The new Ecopia H/L 001 is designed specifically for SUV drivers, offering a balance between safety, long wear life and fuel efficiency.

Developed using the brand's advanced technologies and compounds, the H/L 001 builds on the success of the Ecopia EP850 to provide improved wet handling and braking performance, an optimised contact patch that results in long-lasting tread life, and reduced rolling resistance to enhance fuel efficiency and cost savings.

Additionally, the tyres also provides SUVs with a smooth and comfortable ride. This new generation eco-tyre reflects the craftsmanship of Bridgestone, delivering customised products for drivers who 'want it all'.

Ecopia H/L 001 delivers confidence-inspiring grip in the wet, longer thread life and improved efficiency To deliver safer wet grip, the H/L 001 features an improved chamfered design, with a flat contact point that grips wet road surfaces with higher frictional forces.

In addition, the new tread pattern contributes to anti-hydroplaning performance and better handling. The deeper lug length on the tyre shoulder is designed to increase the stiffness of the tyre and increase wear resistance, while a new tread is designed to prevent tyre deformation and ensure long-lasting performance.

Finally, the H/L 001 features enhanced NanoPro-Tech that offers low rolling resistance, contributing to daily fuel savings and reduced emissions, reducing the vehicle's carbon footprint. The Ecopia H/L 001 is available in 46 different sizes, fitting rims from 15 to 20 inches. 

DriveGuard RFT tyres allow drivers to continue driving for up to 80km should a puncture or pressure loss occur Bridgestone also announced the official launch of the DriveGuard RFT tyre, featuring the brand's third generation Run-Flat Technology.

The DriveGuard RFT tyres enable drivers to keep control and continue driving up to a maximum distance of 80km at a maximum speed of 80km/h should a puncture or loss of inflation pressure occur. With the inclusion of NanoPro-Tech compound and Cooling Fin technology, the sidewall of the DriveGuard RFT tyre is reinforced for better handling control and to achieve a more comfortable driving experience.

The asymmetrical tread pattern designed with deeper lug depth improves driving performance on both wet and dry roads. The large block of the tyre with high rigidity enhances braking performance, offering the driver peace of mind. A silica-rich tyre compound is used to further improve wet traction, leading to better handling.

The asymmetrical tread pattern with deeper lug depth improves driving performance on both wet and dry roads The introduction of the DriveGuard RFT tyre lineup provides drivers with an alternative option to experience core safety benefits alongside other RFT choices such as the performance-oriented Potenza RFT tyres, touring comfort Turanza RFT tyres and the luxurious SUV comfort of Alenza RFT tyres.

DriveGuard RFT tyres can be fitted on any car equipped with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) system. It is available in 36 different sizes, ranging from 15 to 20 inches.
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