The 'Timeless Masterpieces' exhibition at the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, Italy will showcase the most elegant cars in the company's history.

The Ferrari Museum in Modena unveils a new exhibition, 'Timeless Masterpieces', with some of the most elegant cars in the history of the marque on display. It establishes a dialogue between different worlds, helping visitors to understand how the various stylistic features and symbols of each era have developed, bringing the emotions that they have given us in the past to life once again.

When selecting the models, the curators of this collection focused on gran turismo and sports models, both for their iconic value and for the important role they played in the stylistic revolution of the Ferrari brand, giving shape to the aesthetic vision of their respective eras and leaving their mark on the automotive industry and beyond.

The cars are presented alongside other iconic products from a number of different sectors, drawing attention to the links between them, from furniture to electronics and architecture accompanied by legends of music and cinema, in a refined to-and-fro of cross-references and mutual influences.