Audi employees have successfully deployed crowdfunding internally to implement their project ideas as a group, using existing financial resources.

Audi is one of the first companies to effectively integrate this promising and modern approach to financing new projects within the company. Audi Crowdfunding consolidates resources between the departments using a cross-business digital platform. This innovative method represents another milestone in the transformation of Audi's corporate culture.

Crowdfunding generally involves a group of people - the 'crowd' - who contribute money to fund implementation of a new idea. The costs are shared between the various stakeholders. The unique feature of the internal crowdfunding tool at Audi is that the financial support is based on the regular department budget, which is explicitly approved by the relevant superior.

Several successful projects have already been achieved through Audi Crowdfunding. This includes a consistent concept for communicating with promising young talent, aimed at making the brand a tangible experience for kids between the ages of three and 12 years. The focal point is the charming character ADUI, a small, two-dimensional robot. About 20 different departments from various areas supported financing of an agency pitch and a style guide via the crowdfunding platform.