Porsche Classic has implemented a spectacular reconstruction of one of the most exciting sports supercars in the world as part of a custom order.

With a 10-cylinder V engine with 603bhp of horsepower derived from a Formula One powertrain, premium design, and not least the incomparable driving experience it offers, the Porsche Carrera GT remains a milestone in the world of sports supercars today, and an American collector has commissioned Porsche Classic to thoroughly rework one of their privately owned vehicles.

It was truly a spectacular project. The collector wanted complete, custom reconstruction of the vehicle, implemented at a manufacturing quality that can only be achieved by Porsche itself. The process involved the vehicle being entirely disassembled into individual parts, with every component extensively checked, and refurbished or replaced where necessary.

To set off the completely overhauled engine, transmission, and chassis components to their best advantage, the Carrera GT was also treated to a full refinish. Working with Porsche Classic, the owner chose Oak Green Metallic paintwork - a colour that appeared for the first time in the 1970s, but which has never been available for the Carrera GT.