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Honda unveils new race-ready Civic Type R

The Type R TC is designed for professional racers and Type R enthusiasts who wish to transition from track time in a stock Type R to a fully built race car.

The Audi e-tron arrives on our shores

An electric SUV for sport, family and leisure, the Audi e-tron offers an engaging drive with the spaciousness and comfort of a full-size car.

The Audi RS5 and RS5 Sportback updated

A revised design, new suspension equipment as well as a new infotainment system bring the Audi RS5 and RS5 Sportback up to date with the competition.

Jaguar unveils Reims Edition XE

The Jaguar XE Reims Edition, available only in French Racing Blue, pays homage to the firm's extreme performance cars and heroic on-track victories.